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755499264ee1b71My name is Margaret Caldwell, I am currently positioned as a Year 8 Level Coordinator and English/Drama teacher about to finish my fourth year of teaching, having previously worked as a radio and online content producer for numerous industry bodies, such as Arts Australia, ABC and Monocle (UK broadcaster).

Now, I have come into my own, proving to be the ultimate “triple threat”  or EDU-MEDIATOR.I devised this portmanteau as it encapsulates my three core professional skills: educator, multimedia producer, advocate and facilitator.

My career dream is now pitched towards facilitating students to creating, producing and managing a media publication/broadcast of their own to have a voice.


With proven, (and significant) improvements in literacy skills as assessed by On Demand and PAT, my ultimate goal is to incite a sense of curiosity in a classroom. I also implement critical thinking skills through formative assessment tasks as learning how to use reflection as a tool for learning.


My previous career as a radio/online/podcast producer has seen me devise engaging curriculum maps that exploit these numerous skills, as well as lending background knowledge of media legislation with the attainment of a Master’s degree with this innovative multimodal and more importantly, enable and facilitate our students to gain relevant and necessary skills by ensuring a scope for developing digital literacy is always in place.


Relationship building is fundamental to effectively educating a student.


I have been devoted to the engagement of the students in a dual role: assessing both their wellbeing through behavioural patterns and with the tasks set to gain the skillset intended.

As a teacher, my expertise is two-fold in both the management of students’ I am looking to foster and promote a long-term professional relationship with a school that is looking as far ahead towards the future of learning as I am.

Make your way around the site/blog I have published and edited the coding and css for myself (apologies for any issues!!). All copyright has been maintained and privacy rights for any minors have been asserted through consent forms.